EnergyNext, Inc. of Saratoga Springs enters into strategic partnership with Satori Energy of Chicago

EnergyNext, Inc. of Saratoga Springs enters into strategic partnership with
Satori Energy of Chicago to expand energy services for businesses,
municipalities, and not-for-profit organizations

(April 20, 2015; Saratoga Springs, NY) – One of New York State’s leading energy consulting firms is
scaling up to meet the needs of its growing business, municipal, and not-for-profit customer base,
assuring that new group-buying programs and choices are available, especially in renewable energy
and community choice.

Gordon Boyd and Gene Salerni, both founding partners of EnergyNext, Inc., announced today a
strategic partnership with Satori Energy, based in Chicago, Illinois.
“Satori Energy will be bringing its robust back-office assets to support, enhance and continue to create
value for all EnergyNext, Inc. clients and customers,” said Boyd.

“This partnership will allow EnergyNext, Inc. clients to realize additional energy savings for the
various businesses, chambers of commerce, trade associations, and municipalities we serve, utilizing
Satori’s industry-leading procurement processes and internal systems,” Salerni added.

Anna Baluyot, Executive Vice President at Satori, noted “We look forward to combining Satori’s
strengths with the tremendous business which Gordon and Gene have built over the past decades. Our
skill sets complement each other very well and our goals are aligned in designing the best possible
customer experience.”

Boyd added, “New initiatives from the Public Service Commission promise added choices for New
York consumers, especially where renewable energy, community-based procurements, and enhanced
reliability are concerned. This partnership will give our customers the most timely and expert
responses to these new developments, as well as enhanced commodity procurement for electricity and
natural gas.”

About Satori Energy
Satori Energy ( was founded in 2003, is headquartered in Chicago, and has
evolved with the changing electricity markets over the past 12 years. Currently serving over 48,000
accounts, Satori has continued its mission in serving its clients through strategic energy procurement,
risk management, market monitoring services, and overall energy management solutions for clients in
deregulated markets nationwide.

Satori’s President David C. Wiers has participated in many deregulated markets from their inception,
and has shared his expertise at many conferences and forums, advocating electricity deregulation and
representing third-party aggregators, brokers and consultants (ABC) channels. Based in Chicago,
Wiers is also a founding member and initial President of the Texas Energy Professionals Association
(TEPA, In 2007, he founded the Illinois Energy Professionals Association
(ILEPA,, similar to the Texas organization. Wiers has a B.A. degree from Carthage

Anna M. Baluyot has over 20 years of extensive experience in the energy industry. This background
constitutes broad knowledge ranging from utility engineering and operations and wholesale energy
trading, to energy efficiency and demand response solutions for end-use clients. In her past role as an
alternative energy supplier, Ms. Baluyot structured and negotiated commodity products and
renewable bundled options to the governmental, industrial, and institutional sectors. Additionally, Ms.
Baluyot has vast experience in the electricity aggregation business, successfully creating value for 40
communities in Illinois. She holds a B.S. from Loyola University of Chicago, and an MPA from
Indiana University.

About EnergyNext, Inc.
EnergyNext, Inc. (, of Saratoga Springs, NY, has managed group energybuying
programs since the inception of deregulation in the mid-1990s. Its clients include more than a
dozen Chambers of Commerce, trade associations and the Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance
(MEGA). Through the groups, EnergyNext procures electricity and natural gas supplies, plus
renewable energy, for more than 1,500 customers with total annual energy spending of more than
$100 million.

Gordon Boyd has employed a background as a strategic planner to identify leading opportunities in
the energy marketplace for the firm’s clients. Boyd serves on the board of the Northeast U.S. chapter
of the Energy Professionals Association. He previously worked in New York State government, and
has served on a number of statewide and local boards, including as environment chair of the New
York Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He received an A.B. degree from Hamilton College.

Gene Salerni has a technical and research background, assisting clients in pricing and energy
management decisions. He also served as Research Director for a joint commission of the NYS
Legislature, and has a Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

EnergyNext Inc – Satori Energy (Press Release April 2015)