• Electric Aggregation

    Municipalities with lower electricity costs result in more disposable income for consumers.

  • We Are Your Energy Advocate

    We present you your options in an easy to understand format and act as a customer service conduit.

  • Proven Solutions

    Allow us to help create the most value for your business through customized energy solutions.

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Southern Illinois Energy Efficiency Fund

The Southern Illinois Energy Efficiency Fund provides savings on efficient bulbs. Replace old bulbs & save money.

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Our Services –

What We Do…
SEP manages electricity and
natural gas purchasing for
middle market clients in
deregulated markets.

Where We Do It…
SEP operates in states with
deregulated electricity and
natural gas markets.

How We Do It…
SEP conducts an unbiased and
transparent RFP on your behalf
involving all reputable energy

Electric Aggregation
Electricity aggregation programs have significant impact on the local economy.